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Col. David Hancock

David Hancock has been involved with dogs throughout his life. He judges working terriers and working tests for gundogs. He lectures at breed seminars. He writes each month for Dogs Monthly and occasionally for other national sporting magazines, i.e., Country Life, The Field, The Countryman's Weekly, Dogs in Canada, and Dogs Today. He has written a number of books on dogs: Dogs as Companions (1981);The Heritage of the Dog (1990), Old Working Dogs (1984); reprinted (1998), a-two volume production, The Bullmastiff-A Breeder's Guide (1996), Old Farm Dogs (1999); and The Mastiffs-The Big Game Hunters (2000). In his working life he was responsible for four different museums and worked in twenty-two different countries. He is now retired and lives in Oxfordshire. Scroll down to the bottom to read Col. Hancock's article.

Col Hancock with Boris and Zulu

Hancock Article




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