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Border Collie OR Bearded Collie?

If a herding dog came out of Scotland, it was generally referred to as being a "collie" dog (keeping in mind that the word "collie" was spelled in many variations). If a herding dog came from England, it was likely referred to as a "sheepdog" or "sheep dog."

An example of confusion about a breed would be the below painting done by William Huggins, who died in 1884. The date of this painting is unknown, but since the artist was born in 1820, it is likely that it was painted some time between 1840 and 1884.

This artist had a great love for animal paintings. The below painting was entitled "Faithful Friends, a Border Collie and two Terriers in a Landscape."

It is not known for certain if the artist named the painting. Sometimes they are named by others long after an artist is deceased.



Since many working dogs were bred to dogs of other types, one can only assume there would be red merle Beardie-like dogs.

According to Vicki Cuerden, Woody is a red merle male Beardie. He was one of three merles born in a litter bred on September 15, 2000.

Woody and Taggie's dam was almost a Beardie in that her sire was a Beardie and her dam 5/8 Beardie. She was white with brown markings. Woody's sire was a red merle border collie bred by Jackie Goulder.

In the images below, taken in 2005, Woodie is on the left (owned by Chris Hack) with his female littermate, Taggie (also a red merle) owned by Chris Mancini.

Woodie and Taggie in 2005


Taggie 2005

Woody 2008

Woody on right 2009 with Dan, bred by Lynne sharp and Owned by Vicki Cuerden









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