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Robert Leighton's books:

The New Book of the Dog. A Comprehensive Natural History of British Dogs and Their Foreign Relatives With Chapters on Law, Breeding, Kennel Management and Veterinary Treatment by Robert Leighton. London: Cassell & Company Limited (1907). This book has 624 pages. Chapter IX on The Collie was authored by James C. Dalgliesh.

Dogs and All About Them. Assisted by Eminent Authorities on the Various Breeds. London: Cassell & Company Ltd. (1910).

1914 ? Edition. 344 pp.

1919 ? Edition. 344 pp.

2004. It became an ebook (see the Gutenberg Project). Also, later versions are advertised as being print on demand.

3. The Complete Book of the Dog. London: Cassell & Company (1922) 384 pp.

1924. 2nd or 3rd Edition. 384 pp.

1927. 4th Edition. 384 pp.

1932. 5th Edition. 384 pp.

1952. 6th Edition, but revised by A. W. Hunter, 399 pp.

6. Your Dog. London: Cassell (1924)

1925 (Paperback edition)

1929 4th Edition 108 p.p.

1935 ? Edition (Soft Cover)

1951 ? Edition (Hard Cover)

1963 5th Edition, 127 pp.

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