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There are many individuals and entities that assisted in making this website project possible. Most names are listed alphabetically by last name but in some instances, only a first name will appear for privacy reasons. A few names are not presented as those individuals requested anonymity. The major contributors spent countless hours engaging in one, or more, of the following: interviewing people, transcribing their interviews into written form, taking pictures, doing research, authoring articles, proofing, etc.

Hopefully, no contributor has been overlooked. If that occurred, we apologize for this omission.

Major Contributors

Barcroft, Sylvia (U.K.)

Eddie and Sue (U.K.)

Hall, Andrew (U.K.)

Max, Alan (U.S.A.)

Paul and Carol (U.K.)

Wood, Peter (U.K.)

OTHER Contributors

Argue, Derry (U.K.)

Barker, Alan (U.K.)

Barley, Denise (U.K.)

Barnard, Tim (U.K.)

Barnes, Sally, and her son, Andrew. (U.K.)

Boorer, Wendy (U.K.)

Bridge, Dareen A. 'Emmsmoor' (U.K.)

British Museum (U.K.)

Butler, Howard and Margaret (U.K.)

Butler, Roy (Australia)

Cameron, Dr. Ewen A. (U.K.)

Carpenter, E. B. (U.K.)

Christie's Images Ltd. (Minshull, Angela) (U.K.)

Cochrane, Una (U.K.)

Craig of C/O Durham (U.K.)

Cuerden, Vicki (U.K.)

Cumbria Magazine (Fletcher, Terry) (U.K.)

Cummins, Bryan (Canada)

Ewart, Malcolm (U.K.)

Farmers Weekly (Cousins, David) (U.K.)

Fletcher, Ken (U.K.)

Foley, Darlene (U.S.A.)

Gainsborough House, Sudbury, Suffolk (Woodward, Rosemary) (U.K.)

Gallatly, Erica (U.K.)

Gealy, David (U.K.)

Grosser, Christiane Dr. (Germany)

Hack, Chris (U.K.)

Hall, Jean (U.S.A.)

Hancock, Col. David and Charwynne Dog Features (U.K.)

Heckman, Kurt (U.S.A.)

Henderson, David, President of Highland Livestock Heritage Society. (U.K.)

Hicks, Keith and Audrey (U.K.)

Hier, Anne (U.S.A.)

Hill, Julie (U.K.)

Holt, Veronica, sister of Sylvia Barcroft (U.K.)

Howell, Bridget (U.S.A.)

Hugh (U.K.)

Imperial War Museum (U.K.)

Isted, Peter (U.K.)

Jackson, Janice (U.K.)

Krämer, Eva Marie and Erdmann, Christine (Germany)

Kyme, Alf (U.K.)

Larson, Simon (U.K.)

Leroy, Judith Dr. (U.S.A.)

Linacre, Tim (U.K.)

Linda (U.K.)

Lott, Mary (U.S.A.)

Martin, Simon
Library, Royal Agricultural Society of England (U.K.)

Mike of C/O Durham (U.K.)

Moir, Gordon (U.K.)

Moorhead, Cynthia Mahigian (U.S.A.)

Morland Family (U.K.)

Morris, Gary and Diane (U.K.)

Muirhead, Ian (U.K.)

Museum of Rural Life (U.K.)

National Library of Australia (Australia)

Norman, Jack (U.K.)

O'Brien, Sue (U.K.)

Partridge, Mary (U.K.)

Pollard, Tish (U.S.A.)

Potter, Bill (U.K.)

Prassa, Sharon (U.S.A.)

Pringle, Drew (U.K.)

Pringle, Janet (U.K.)

Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd. (Faulkner, France) - (New Zealand)

Reid, Kit (Sadly, Kit passed away in 2003.) (U.K.)

Robertson, Peter and Sarah (U.K.)

Rorem, Linda (U.S.A.)

The Royal Archive and Queen Elizabeth II for kind permission to allow the extract from Queen Victoria's journal. (U.K.)

Rush, Kristin (U.S.A.)

Sale, Maureen (U.K.)

Scottish Farmer (U.K.)

Sell, Elsa Dr. (U.S.A.)

Sermon, Jo (U.K.)

Sharpe, Lynne Dr. (U.K.)

Short, Glenn (U.S.A.)

Sierakowski, Margaret of Dalriach Kennels (U.K.)

Simpson, John (Author and Historian) (U.K.)

Smith, Richard and Christine (U.K.)

Snook, Rodney (U.K.)

Stacy-Marks, Nigel and Ginny (U.K.)

Tate Museum (Schmid, Claudia, Tate Images) (U.K.)

Teasdale, Toni (U.K.)

Tinelli, Pascal (France)

Turnbull, Paul (U.K.)

V&A Museum of Childhood (U.K.)

Walkowicz, Chris (U.S.A.)

Wesson, Carol (U.K.)

Witte, Barbara (U.S.A.)

Worthing Museum (Warrington, Carol) (U.K.)


1902 Minutes

Kennel Club




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