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There is documentation regarding one Bearded Collie being shown in the Miscellaneous Class at a dog show in the United States. Author, Anne Hier, gave permission for her chapter, "What is a Breed?" to be included on this website. Her chapter included the Minutes of the Quarterly Delegates Meeting, published in the "American Kennel Gazette," in 1902. A Beardie was entered in the Miscellaneous Class. Click on "1902 Minutes" link.

Beardies were listed in the Scottish Kennel Club Catalogue for an event to be held on October 28, 29 and 30th, 1908 at Waverley Market, In Edinburgh. Mr. J. C. Dalgliesh was listed as the judge. The second place dog was #303, owned by Mr. Robert Gordon. The dog's name was Laird o' Dumbiedykes. The dog's date of birth was December 15th, 1907. The breeder was listed as Mr. J. Russell Greig. His sire was Moss, bred to Bonnington Lass. We are fortunate to have an image of this dog. Anne Hier included a picture of Dumbiedykes in her book, and has also given permission for this image to appear on this website.

The "Kennel Club" link presents a document typed from various issues of the Gazette by Dr. Elsa Sell. This list begins with the year 1912.

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1902 Minutes

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