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Eddie has authored several articles on numerous farming subjects. He was gracious to share one of his articles regarding Beardies.

Shepherds & Stockmen With Beardies

International Sheepdog News. Vol. 4. No. 1. Jan/Feb 2006.
Permission Granted by Eddie and by
Andrew Hall, Editor of International Sheepdog News
to be reproduced on this website only.

The picture and retyped content appear below the image of the actual article for the sake of clarity. Eddie is proud of his logo to accompany his writings: cattle with two dogs and a shepherd.

"Here is a photo of my two Beardie pups, Meg and Gem, at 6 months old. Food has been put out on the side of the fence where the sheep are. The pups are encouraged to keep the sheep off the food. The fence will prevent the pups from getting to the sheep."

"This exercise will pay dividends later when the pups are much older, as they will know what is expected of them when feeding out-wintering stock. It will also be useful when feeding cattle both outside and inside because we know what it is like being pushed and shoved by hungry cattle which can be dangerous.

In the photo, Gem is looking back at me as if to say 'I should be gathering the sheep, not keeping them away.' The two pups are as different as chalk and cheese; Gem ever eager to listen and keen to learn and easy to correct, taking after her father Dewi, who also had a laid back approach to life, but with power which can be turned on when required. Meg, however, is out of the same mold as her mother, Jess, who also at 6 months was like a runaway train at times and took a lot of handling. Meg is like her mother. You would think that butter would not melt in her mouth, and she is afraid of nothingbe it store cattle, suckler cows with calves, ewes with lambs or stock rams. To date I am pleased with the way both pups are progressing, as I can do most tasks with either, allowing for youthful keenness. I can see that in the not too far distant future, this pair will complement one another."


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