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Our Beardies work both alone, and together, in all kinds of weather. By visiting any of the pages, the viewer will soon realize working with stock on a nice sunny day makes for a very nice picture, but it hardly represents real life. Much of our stock work takes place in the rain, in the mud, in the snow, and upon occasion, in a blizzard. The below pictures demonstrate some work. We hope you will visit our cattle, sheep, etc. pages to gain more insight into the work that our dogs must do, and how they go about doing their tasks.



More Cattle

Fell Pony

Mixed Stock


More sheep

*Eddie and Sue




Dewi gathering Herdwicks in the winter.



Tay, Jess, Dewi worked together to hold up sheep in the gathering pen.



Dewi on the left; Jess on the right, moving the bullocks off the feed troughs.


Dewi, Meg and Gem are about to work. They arrived as passengers in the Landrover. Dewi (on the left) and Gem (on the right) are on top of the dog box. Meg was inside the box on the right (below Gem). Our new pup, Drover, was in the box on the bottom left. All are ready to set off to do their work except for Drover; he was only along for the ride.



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