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Two of my Beardies are rescues, who started life as pets. They have both had behavioural problems, not of their making, but because they were kept as family pets when all they wanted to do was to work stock. Beardies are very clever, intelligent dogs who need an owner who is as smart, or smarter, than they are. Otherwise they become frustrated and confused. It is not a good thing for them to end up in a rescue home where behavioural problems are encountered by the new owner(s). Basically Beardies need to be in a working environment, where they can work and be happy. A couple of images reflecting some work being performed appear below.

I have worked with other breeds of working dogs, but I find the Beardie to be more adaptable to all the working situations Iíve encountered. As a part time shepherd (helping other shepherds at their busy times), I rely heavily on my Beardies who readily and happily use their many talents to do the job at hand. Working with many different flocks of sheep, for a variety of people, keeps my Beardies on their toes as no two places are the same.





Mr. Wool

Pups 2010




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