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I have started to run her (Wraggs) in The East Anglian Sheepdog Society winter trials. This short trial without a cross-drive is a good way to start a young dog.

The course shown below consists of the dog doing an outrun, lift and fetch of the sheep. Next, the sheep must be guided (hopefully in a straight line) through the fetch gates proceeding towards the handler. Once the stock go behind the handler, they are driven by the dog towards a post. The sheep and dog must go around the post and back to a place near where the handler is standing; after that the dog must pen the sheep.  The distance of the outrun is 150 yards from the post. We usually have 3 or four sheep to work.

Wraggs placed fifth in her first trial, we managed a second place in her third trial. Wraggs is destined to be a good working dog, and the only reason I am trialing her, or any of my Beardies, is to promote this rare breed and try to keep these wonderful dogs on the map. Good working dogs, however, do not necessarily make good trialing dogs.

Below the image of the course are a couple pictures of Wraggs taken while trialing.


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