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LInda wrote:

I reside in East Anglia, U.K. Whilst still employed full time as a long distance lorry driver (yes, I used to take my Beardies with me), I helped my friend doing stock work as often as possible. After I was no longer able to work full time due to health issues, I decided to buy some sheep. It was only a small flock to keep me and my dogs happy.

A working dog is, as its name suggests, a working dog. So I shouldn't expect any thing less. Beardies will adapt to do our bidding, work stock, curl up next to you on a cold day to keep you warm, and fetch your crook (as long as he/she can reach it ). I have found them to be constant, non-judging companions who only want to help.

Shepherding had become such an important part of my life. I call it my sanity. Without the Beardies and sheep, I reckon I might have gone insane (though some might say I had anyway)! Having my own sheep, I am able to get on with more shepherding and training with my Beardies. Apart from looking after my own flock, I still also help my neighbour, who doesn't have a dog, but has plenty of sheep. I am frequently called upon to help with the sheep using my Beardies. Scanning and shearing are both busy times for us. It is nice to be able to have others see how reliable, efficient, time saving and helpful my dogs are.

Tending to my sheep:

It is hard to put my thoughts into words, but what I would like others to know is that the Beardie is independent and something very special. You need to know one to understand them. They are a part of the family, as well as a good working companion. If a situation arises, such as the sheep disappearing out of sight and you can't be sure of what's happening, never fear the Beardie will sort it out. I trust all my Beardies both within my vision and out of sight. I would never be without one, they make my life complete.

I now have six Beardies, who have their own pages under the "My Dogs" section.


My Dogs





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