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Pip working the young Highland cattle ranging in age from yearling heifers to two and a half years of age.



Working 2

Working 3






This photo shows Pip after she had gathered the Highlanders and was driving them back to the yard.


Pip was driving a cream coloured Highlander called Snowdrop, and a black Highlander called Poppy, across the field. The black heifer came from the Isle of Bute.


All the Highlanders were driven under complete control by Pip (with just the right amount of pressure to accomplish the task). This driving of cattle would be similar to what we would have seen going back to the hay day of "droving" dating back to the 1800s.


This photo shows Pip turning her attention to the only bullock called Robbie who was drifting off course, and as you can see this had not gone unnoticed by Pip.


This photo shows a yearling heifer that Pip turned back. The heifer was trying to kick Pip, but Pip realised the situation and lowered her body so as to prevent being kicked.


This photo was taken in the main farm yard prior to putting the cattle into the handling race. The bullock was testing Pip, and she squared up to it and clearly let the bullock know she was not going to give ground.


Same as the preceding picture; Pip can be seen in a position where she was about to give the heifer a nip on the nose.


Pip took a breather with a yearling heifer looking on just before all the cattle were put in the handling race.


All the Highlanders have been put into the race to be inspected. The cream coloured heifer called Snowdrop is shown. Pip switched off and stood at the back of me. Good job Pip! This would be a normal day in the life of Pip's work.

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