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Paul Turnbull was the owner-handler of a Beardie known as Blue. Blue was registered by the International Sheep Dog Society on merit. Ronnie Morland was his breeder, and he appears as a shepherd under "Scotland."

Mr. Turnbull lives in Morpeth, Northumbria, England. He is quite a well known handler and judge. Peter Wood, who also appears on this website under "Wales" contacted Mr. Turnbull to request his recollections about Blue. The letter Mr. Turnbull sent to Mr. Peter Wood dated June 5, 2003 is retyped below.

"Dear Peter,

Hope the following information is of some use to you.

I got Blue as an 8 week old pup from Ronnie Morland. He was bred out of Ronnie's Nan and sired by Geordie Harison's Scott. Geordie was a sheep dealer from Biggar.

Blue started working at about 8 months old and ran at his first nursery trial when he was 21 months old. I ran him at the Scotish Nursery Final in 1980. I then went on to get him registered on Merit with the I.S.D.S.

Although I ran him at various trials after this he was a far better hill dog working at home. He was good with both sheep and cattle.

Blue was a very good natured dog, good looking with not too much coat and had loads of stamina. When he was working with me he seemed to know what I wanted done before I asked him. He sired quite a number of pups both out of Border Collie and Beardie bitches and his offspring seemed to do well.

He lived to almost 15 years old and I can honestly say he's the best work dog I've ever had.


Geordie Harison may be an incorrect spelling as he appears as Geordie Howieson in other places. In any event, Blue's sire was Scott, bred by Archie Reid (who later loaned Scott to Geordie Howieson). It is a confusing matter as many people think Scott was owned by Geordie, but Kit Reid, Archie Reid's brother stated that Scott was, indeed, bred and owned by Archie. Kit passed away, but he was interviewed for this website.

A picture of Blue was taken and provided to Peter Wood.








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