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England's population exceeds 50 million. The people reside within 34 counties. The areas are quite distinctive. In the northwest areas of England, farmers keep cattle and sheep where they are able to survive the colder weather on the hills and moors.

Shepherds/farmers are no longer plentiful, but readers should be able to better understand how they manage their stock using Beardie-like canines.

We hope the viewer will come away with a better understanding of their way of life, both in the past as experienced by the Barcrofts, and in the present, as experienced by the other contributors.

An undated book was published entitled Florence Nightingale and Frances E. Willard: The Story of Their Lives by W. J. Wintle and Florence Witts, wherein Florence Nightengale's life story was told by Wintle. According to the Florence Nightingale Museum, the book was published "after 1910."

Florence was born in 1820. It was known that Roger, a shepherd, worked for Florence's father. Roger had a sheepdog, and the dog, named Cap, may have been Florence's first patient. Documents exist that indicate Florence was involved in caring for animals on the farm between the ages of 12 and 16. Perhaps the below image drawn by an unknown artist depicted her as being within this age range. The image was taken from a Norwegian publication entitled Vaarblomsten published in the year 1901. It also appeared in the book by Wintle, and in another book entitled Little Florence.


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