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Janet shared some of her photos below:






Janet, smiling, and her dogs.


Janet and her beloved tractors being used to roll and move silage (feed for livestock) at Cammard, Ardvasar, on Skye in the year 2007.


One of Janet's Highland cows at a feeder with a calf.


One of Janet's favourite Beardies, Mollie, on patrol.


Cattle in the pasture with a portion of the Village of Ardvasar in the background.


An unexpected calf weighing in at 16kg; it is still alive today.


Janet, on the left, attends a Highland Cattle show. When you have what is normally called a "herd of cattle," that is an incorrect way of describing the Highlanders. Instead, the term would be a "fold of cattle."


Janet's late Mollie.


Another image of Mollie


It seems that Mollie could be trusted to accomplish anything; here she was with her friend, Lizzie (behind the wheel). Where were they going one has to wonder.


Mollie and Penny


Mollie, Lizzie and Penny (the Border Collie in the back).




Bonnie, at a young age, will be turning two years of age in late spring, 2010. Janet is expecting Bonnie to carry on the work done by Mollie.


Bonnie got her summer shaving in 2009.


Janet undertaking various treatments on her cattle. Thanks to Simon Larson, Janet's friend, for taking four photographs while she was working (late 2009). Janet is saying "let me take a look; quit bellowing."


Janet punches in an ear tag. "Now, that wasn't so bad."


"Stand still."


"Yes, little one, you too."


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