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In two telephonic interviews with Peter Robertson on August 17, 2009 and April 5, 2011, we learned he came from Cumbria, England. He began his working life as a general farm worker. He relocated to Scotland in 1996. At the time of the telephonic interviews, he was tending stock on a farm in Glen Douglas, Scotland.

Peter is married to Sarah Smith, who also came from the Cumbria area of England. Prior to her grandfather's passing, they had one Beardie named Maggie. Maggie was joined by LeBrun's Jack (called Bill) when Sarah inherited him from her grandfather, Edward ("Ted") Toolan; Ted had lived in Briery Close, Cumbria. According to Peter, Ted had worked Beardies for forty years.

Maggie was bred to Ian Ross' dog, Rab, which mating produced a nice litter to include their Beardie named Briery Nan. Peter and Sarah sent Nan to Sarah's grandfather for training. She returned to live with Peter and Sarah at approximately one year of age.

Bill and Briery Nan were bred to produce a litter to include a bitch named Fin. The other pups went to live with their new owners.

Peter talked about how good their Beardies were with the children; yet they completely switched to becoming all business when working both sheep and cattle. As of April 2011, the lambing of ~1000 mule ewes was taking place; another 2,000 sheep and 20 cows were also being tended by the dogs.

We were most fortunate to receive some images from Eva-Maria Krämer who published them in her magazine Beardie Revue in the June 2006 issues. The credit for all of the photographs below, taken in 2006, goes to Christine Erdmann for

We also have another working image taken by Rodney Snook (last picture below) at a working Beardie function in Scotland in May, 2007.



Baxter, John

Condie, Mike


Isted, Peter

Morland, Ronnie

Muirhead, Tommy

Norman, Jack

Paul and Carol

Pringle, Drew

Pringle, Janet

Reid, Kit




Bill (LeBrun's Jack) on the left with Briery Nan on the right in 2006.


Briery Nan at work with Peter in 2006.


Peter with Briery Nan and her mother, Briery Maggie.


Briery Maggie.


Sarah Smith with Bill (LeBrun's Jack). Credit: Christine Erdmann.


Briery Beardies at work.


Briery Beardies at work.



Briery Beardies.


Briery Beardies were gathering the sheep towards the flank of the hill (or mountain).


Taking a break.


Briery Beardies with Peter and Sarah's children.


Rodney Snook took this picture of one of Peter Robertson's working Beardies in May of 2007. Rodney gave permission for the photograph to appear on this page. Peter identified the Beardie as Briery Nan.



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