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The below photos were provided by Paul/Carol.

This photo was taken from the top of a hill looking across a bracken bed.  Bracken grows to approximately five feet tall and was very hard to walk through. It was very hard for the dogs to work; they have to hunt for their sheep and persuade them to leave it. Sheep will try and hide hoping that the dog wouldn't find them.

Many of the hill farms in Scotland have unfenced roads passing through the areas. In this case it is to allow the sheep to reach water. The road has hidden dangers mainly cars and lorries (trucks). Every evening, the sheep have to be pushed up the hill to clear the road for the night.

Bobby Dalziel, a well known handler of champion Border Collies, lives in the borderlands of Scotland. In a telephone interview on August 16, 2009, Bobbie talked about his grandfather, Albert Dalziel also known as "Bert." Bert owned Beardies. Bobbie related how his grandfather lived in the west corner of Scotland, and engaged in the driving of sheep over a two day walk to market in the late 1800s. His grandfather died in 1997 at age 104.



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