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Butler's Don was bred to Brambledale Brighde owned by Lynne Sharpe.

Brighde's sire and dam were both registered with the Kennel Club. Her sire was AMCH. CANCH. GBCH. Sammara Standing Ovation; her dam was Brambledale Bright Star. Brighde was also registered with the Kennel Club.

Lynne's litter from Don and Brighde included two lovely bitches (Nan and Nancy)  that remained with Lynne. Lynne has bred ten generations of unbroken lines. Her original Beardies trace back to the Bothkennar dogs.

The below photo of Lynne was taken by Mary Partridge (who bred many Beardies under the kennel name of "Wishanger") at a herding event on August 25, 2002, in Wales. One can't help but wonder if some of Lynne's dogs in this photo are not looking intently at some nearby sheep.

Thanks goes to Lynne for sharing the below photographs of Nan and Nancy.








Nan (Brambledale Brianna) and Nancy (Brambledale Briony) pose for the camera for Lynne at age one year. Nan is the darker of the two.


Nan and Nancy.


Nan and Nancy demonstrate the meaning of "share and share alike."


Nan and Nancy enjoying the beach.


Nan is on sheep for the first time. She was nine months old in this picture, and she loaded the sheep into the trailer.


The Beardie in the center of the back row is Nancy (Brambledale Briony). To Nancy's left is Nan (Brambledale Brianna). The other three pups are littermates approximately six months of age from Nan, mated to Jimmy, owned by Richard and Christine Smith. Those pups can be seen in the Richard Smith section under Welsh shepherds.



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