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Howard and Margaret Butler own a farm in mid-Wales. They have both sheep and cattle on their farm. Mrs. Butler was kind enough to submit a copy of some written words about Don. These words are shared here.

"In June, 1990, Margaret, Howard's wife, said that she wanted to go to Stottesdon to see some Bearded Collie pups. At first Howard did not understand why on earth would she want a rough coated dog whose coat would get matted, tangled and very dirty! He also doubted their working ability. Little did he realise at the time what an intelligent breed they are with a wonderful temperament and character.

As a pup Don was very mischievous and did not mature to his full potential until three years of age. He became a very versatile dog working both sheep and cattle. Collecting one, two or the whole herd of cattle was no problem. As soon as they saw Don, they knew that there was no escape!

He was a quiet unassuming dog, but always in charge of the work in hand. An extremely faithful dog and if work did not involve animals he would be quite happy to sit with you for hours.

He did not like Howard holding Margaret in any way; he would jump up as if to say: "Hey! We are a team of three!"

Don is greatly missed by all. When collecting sheep and cattle there seems to be a 'missing person', although Mot his son is taking on the responsibility well and is at the moment the only working dog on the farm. The next step is to find a young bitch pup who will grow up alongside Mot so as to ease his work load.

We remember Don with lots of love and affection."

Photo Courtesy of Lynne Sharpe

Don was asked to move the sheep.

Don doesn't crowd them.

Walk on! Steady!

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