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Note: Mr. Wood wrote what appears below in late 2005.

Some of the dogs listed are no longer with me. Mac was re-homed. Two of them, Blue and Pam, passed away this year. The fact that Mac, Pam and Blue are no longer with me does not diminish them in importance when writing about my working Beardies. See their pages for more about them.

My breeding program commenced from two different lines: Pam and Blue. As of November, 2005, the following Beardies are living at my residence.

Whist, a sable and white bitch. She is a daughter of Pam, age nine years.

Dart, a dark slate and white dog, is a son of Pam. Whist is his half-sister. He is a very stylish dog when working. He has an indefinable something. Everybody that comes to my place (relating to dogs) immediately fell in love with Dart. He is six years of age.

Bonnie is a slate and white bitch. She is eight years old and has bred some very good pups. She is full of natural ability dating back to when she was a young pup. Her mother was Blue. Blue can be traced as far back as 1951 to working dogs.

Rory is a red and white young dog, age ten months. Rory came to me as a "stud fee" pup. He was sired by Mac, a dog that I recently re-homed. Rory is very keen to work and shows great promise. He is also in the beginning stages of his training.

Though I do not have pictures for the website of Meg, Dan and Sarah, they are also living with me.

Meg is a tri-coloured bitch out of Blue. She is three years of age. Meg seems to have a lot of natural ability. She will resume training now that she just finished rearing her first litter of pups sired by Dart.

Dan is a tri-coloured dog, age 15 months. He is out of Pam mated to Coomber, a litter brother to Meg. He is quite a leggy dog at the moment (end of 2005). He is very keen but also biddable. He recently started his training.

Sarah, a slate and white bitch, age eight years, was acquired recently. She came from Scotland in order to consolidate a certain bloodline within my breeding programme. She was bred to Woodland Coomber. If she has conceived, she will give birth in mid-December 2005.

I also kept two sable and white dog pups out of Whist x Coomber.
















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